Why ride an E-Bike?

An electric cycle is one of the best and effortless ways to cycle.

Cycling has many-a-health benefits. To begin with, this is one of the activities that can help you stay physically active. People who are involved in regular physical activity are less prone to disease like obesity, heart disorders, cancer, arthritis, mental illness and diabetes among other disease. So while you continue the daily activities of your routine, if staying fit and healthy is on your mind consider the option of cycling. When it comes to cycling, the traditional cycle is passé’. Hit the road in style with an electric cycle that matches your choice and preference.

So if purchasing one is on your mind, here is what you need to consider. Firstly, check from various sources information about the manufacturer of the product. You must verify if they comply with industry standards and also check for the certifications. It is better to purchase an electric cycle from a certified manufacturer. Different companies will offer a plethora of cycle models. In order to make your purchase easy and to ensure that you are purchasing an electric cycle that is the best for you, consider making a checklist of your priority. This will make shopping for the right product more than just easy.

Aspects that you must consider while purchasing an electric cycle have been listed below:

1. Can the bicycle be ridden on the narrow lanes and on the busy streets?
2. Does the electric cycle provide features like lightweight portable Lithium Ion battery, LED headlamp integrated with battery, electronic power brakes, adjustable seat, rear hub motor, smart charger and front shocker forks among other features?
3. Does the manufacturer also offer the option of accessories like disc brakes, alloy wheels, gears, etc.
4. Also check the battery that powers the electric cycle. You may check for how long the battery offers support and also enquire about battery charging time, weight, life etc.

One of the leading manufactures that continues to make electrical cycles by taking advantage of world class technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure is Hulikkal Electro India Pvt. Ltd. this company that is based out of Coimbatore offers the electrical cycle in various models like Avatar (Boys MTB), Nile (Girls / Golden Agers), Medlay (Center Shocker / Sports / Trendy), Sylph (General – Boys / Girls / Golden Agers), Rambler (Standard Classic 28”) and Uneek (Kids).

Electrical cycles that are manufactured under the Hulikkal banner are powered by Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Japanese technology motors are a type of synchronous motor which is integrated with accelerator sensor at throttle grip. This motor controlled by state-of-the-art controller which is located below the battery box, contains embedded systems that added with power electronics enables the rider experience unparalleled riding pleasure with ease of climb high gradients like flyovers and other slopes.

Want to know more about Hulikkal electrical cycles call +91-422-4521290 for a test drive.