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Working of Lithium-ion batteries

Li-ion batteries

Li-ion batteries are the powerhouse for the digital electronic revolution in this modern mobile society. Lithium ion batteries are now popular in majority of electronic portable devices like Mobile phone, Laptop, Digital Camera, etc due to their long lasting power efficiency. These are the most popular rechargeable batteries with advantages like best energy […]

E-Bikes Vs Motor bikes / cars – The real difference


The face of auto industry in India was redefined with electric bikes that have initiated a revolution in the two-wheeler industry. With the rising cost of fuel at International and national level, increasing levels of pollution and congestion in transport system specially in urban areas, higher running and maintenance cost of vehicle, the electrically […]

E-bike battery care and maintenance

1.1 Battery Basics

A “battery” is a collection of cells that work together to achieve a desired voltage and watt hours (capacity) for the bike. There are a number metallurgiesof cells used in electric bikes.Each metallurgy has it’s strengths, weaknesses, and different requirements for care and safety. It is important to know the type of […]

Brand new series at PluginIndia – Riding the Hulikkal Avatar e-bike in Pune

The enhanced cycling experience from Hulikkal

Riding a bicycle is a source of great pleasure. Many of us love riding bicycles as the ride gives us relaxation, peace of mind, physical fitness and travelling freedom. The bicycle offers so many advantages over other means of transportation making it a truly special vehicle. Despite all of this, not everyone is capable […]

Hulikkal E-Bike used in Guinness World Record Feat

The longest journey on a motorized bicycle is 7,423.88 km (4,612.98 mi) and was achieved by Sushil Reddy (India) who cycled around India between 8 May and 25 July 2016.

Sushil used a solar-powered motorized bicycle for this journey, which started and ended in Mumbai, India. The bicycle was provided by Hulikkal Electro India Pvt. […]

Hulikkal Medley E-Cycle Review

Hulikkal Medley E-Cycle Review from PluginIndia – Checkout the Video Review

We @ PluginIndia tested the Hulikkal Electric Cycle – Medley on Mumbai roads.

An electric cycle? Yes! A normal cycle with a battery pack and a motor ensures you can ride without pedaling or even in pedal assist mode!  You can turn off the electric assist […]

Why ride an E-Bike?

An electric cycle is one of the best and effortless ways to cycle.

Cycling has many-a-health benefits. To begin with, this is one of the activities that can help you stay physically active. People who are involved in regular physical activity are less prone to disease like obesity, heart disorders, cancer, arthritis, mental illness and […]

Interview With Hulikkal CEO

Chat with Mr Prashant Goel – CEO of Hulikkal Electro (India)

Go farther, Go faster & Go easy

Hulikkal Electro India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to revolutionary bicycle design & innovation. We are engineers, designers, cyclists and industry veterans who passionately believe that better bicycles make a better world. Bicycles cheer up our commutes, help make our city streets cleaner and more alive, shape our waistlines and bring a smile to our […]