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An electric bicycle is essentially a regular bicycle equipped with an electric motor & battery designed to make the ride more enjoyable. Most can operate in three ways:

1. Pedal Only – The bike is ridden just like a regular bicycle, powered manually by the rider.
2. Pedal Assist – You can just use the throttle and pedal along simultaneously.
2. Pedal Assist – You can just use the throttle and pedal along simultaneously.

Hulikkal Electric Bicycles are pedal assist bicycles as well as full electric. This means that you can pedal along if you like to. Pedalling along decreases the battery power consumption and hence increases the range per charge. Also you can pedal along if you wish to go faster / climb steep gradients.

All Hulikkal Electric Bicycles can be operated in these 3 options: Pedal Only, Pedal Assist and Electric Only.

No, there is a free-wheel attached to the hub motor to take of this. So when you use the throttle, only the motor and rear wheel will turn, but the pedals will not. In other words, you can easily go on electric power only without having to pedal.

Hulikkal Electric bicycles are limited by law to a maximum speed of 25 Kilometers per hour on the roads. You can still ride faster than, but the motor will not provide assistance beyond 25kmph. However the high torque motor upgrade is possible to increase the pickup of the bicycle.

There is a key mechanism provided for this. Like on any regular bike there are On, Off, Handle-lock position in the key slot; In Hulikkal Electric Bicycles too there are On, Off and Battery Remove Positions.

In the off position the key can be taken off and the battery is locked into the Bicycle controller and cannot be removed from it without severely damaging the Bicycle. Also Hulikkal Lithium Ion Battery is a 32V / 64V system compatible to run only with our controllers & motors; hence there is no motivation for anyone to take the battery away.

Hulikkal Lithium Ion batteries are very potable. (less than 3 kg weight) In order to charge the battery, first turn the key to the “extreme anticlockwise” position by gently pushing it in. The lock is now disengaged and the battery can now be pulled out and taken off for charging with the Hulikkal Smart Charger. To reinsert the battery after charging, make sure the key is in the same “extreme anticlockwise” position and reinsert the battery into the slot. The battery will be a perfect fit into it and there is no other way to do it. The key can now be turned to “on” position to continue further use.

The answer is NO, you do not. As per current law, a motor vehicle having less than 250 watts of power and travelling at a speed less than 25kmph is exempt from these requirements. Hulikkal Bicycles have exemption certificates from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), to this effect. Therefore, it is NOT under the jurisdiction of any Road Transport Authority. That means you can operate it without a license, and in most cases ride it anywhere regular bicycles are allowed.

While it is technically possible to recharge a bicycle battery by pedaling, we don’t consider it a good idea to do so, and Hulikkal Bicycles do not have this feature. There are a number of reasons why this recharging method is troublesome.

Firstly, it would require a much heavier direct drive motor, which would make the overall bike even heavier. And Secondly, it would also mean constant resistance from the motor, trying to act as a generator / alternator. This would mean that if you ran out of power or just wanted to ride around with no battery, you would be constantly fighting the motor drag.

Finally, it is virtually impossible to produce enough energy by pedaling to make a significant impact on your range. You would need to pedal hard, for hours and in the end you get only a few extra kms.

Hulikkal standard 32V x 8Ah Batteries offer an estimated range of 30 kms per charge in Electric Only (throttle-only) mode and upto 40 kms when you pedal along. And the 64V x 6Ah batteries offer an estimated range of 40 kms per charge in Electric Only mode and upto 50 kms when you pedal along.

Please do keep in mind that these are estimated ranges. Bicycles are similar to cars in this respect, in that the mileage or range you get from a liter of petrol in your car depends on many factors. In the case of an electric bicycle, the range depends on the terrain, the weight of the rider, head wind, terrain gradient, whether you pedal a bit or not at all, smooth running conditions, proper maintenance and many other factors.

Hulikkal lithium Ion Batteries have fast charging capabilities and a potable charger, you could just stop nearby and charge for 10-15 minutes to gain charge for 5-7 kms, Else you could just pedal and reach your destination.

All the electrical parts are completely sealed off and there is no way that water can get inside them. The battery, motor, and controller are water / rain / splash proof.

You can always have a test drive at your nearest dealer or get in touch with us and we will connect you to an existing customer of Hulikkal Bicycles for a first hand demo and honest feedback of our products and service.

The electrical components do add to the weight of the bicycle; however we use some of the lightest components available. The end result is that — depending on the model — our bikes start at around 22 Kgs with the Lithium Ion battery. While this is a bit more than regular bicycles, it is way lighter than in-expensive electric bikes that use Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

We ship most of our bikes via GATI KINKETSU EXPRESS PRIVATE LIMITED. Most in-stock orders go out next business day and take 2 to 5 days to reach most destinations in India. We use cardboard wrap and shrink film wrapping for packing each bike to provide maximum protection during shipping. The bicycles are covered under Gati Kwe Transit Insurance Policy, you can claim any damages if any by this through us.

Both our batteries and chargers offer low and high voltage & current protection. Therefore, you are protected against accidental overcharging and undercharging, both of which can damage the battery. The charger has smart sensors to determine the current level of charge and it will accordingly charge the battery. The smart charger has LED indicator, overcharge and short circuit protection. It will auto cut off after charging the battery 100%. It is also perfectly safe to leave the battery on the charger overnight as it will be cut off automatically after charging.

We do not, however, recommend leaving it charging unnecessarily for a long time. The batteries take 1.5 Hrs to charge completely.

In order to extend your battery life, we also highly recommend charging the battery every 3 months when not actively using it. Finally, while the lithium batteries do not need to be charged immediately after a ride, we recommend doing so in order to extend the battery life. These simple tips will help you get the most out of your batteries.

The frame size for each model is posted on the respective bike page.

Most of our models can accommodate riders from 4’5″ to 6’2″.

For riders taller than that, we offer a free tall seat-pillar that enables riders up to ~6’6″ to enjoy the bikes. Simply contact us for details or specify that you’d like to receive the stem riser and longer seat-pillar in the Special Order Instructions when placing your order.