We are extremely thrilled to introduce Hulikkal’s world leading technology in India through our electric cycles. We are committed to our vision to provide green, clean & economical transportation solutions to the nation and we look forward to consistent innovation driven growth and delivering one-of a kind products for the Indian EV market.

Hulikkal’s Electric Cycles can be used by any age groups of both men and women, starting right from the age of 8 onwards. Our electric bikes are ideal for everyone including kids, young professionals, work-to-home commuters, fitness enthusiasts, environment conscious citizens and corporates, within campus commuters and all fuel savers. Our offering of electric cycles encompasses everyone of any gender, age or purpose of riding:

Hulikkal’s electric cycles are ideal for riding in the busy city streets and can easily tackle flyovers and slopes. Their attractiveness is their easy maneuverability just and as any other cycle. Pedaling and motor backup can be used simultaneously without experiencing fatigue. The electric only range of the vehicle is from 25 to 30 Km per charge (kmpc).

They come equipped with a host of features which are common to them, such as lightweight portable battery, LED headlamp integrated with battery, electronic power brakes, adjustable seat, rear hub motor, smart charger and front shocker forks. In addition to these features, Hulikkal electric cycles come with plenty of optional accessories like: electronic disc brakes at front, front metallic basket, choice of width of rear tyre, seats and alloy wheels.

The batteries on all the variants take just 1.5 hours / 90 mins for a full charge, and the state-of-art Japanese technology motor provides a well regulated maximum speed of 25 km/h. Our electric cycles can be ridden with the help of pedals manually, at any time even if the battery runs out of charge.

Hulikkal is firmly committed to the Indian EV industry has its priority are innovation and quality, which reflect in our products and services. We are thrilled to be a part of the year-on-year 45% growing Indian EV industry, and to introduce most modern technology to our customers.

We are hopeful that our Indian consumers will appreciate our Lithium-Ion technology over the other Lead Acid (LA) based vehicles currently in the market. Hulikkal uses only long lasting Lithium-Ion cells in its batteries which are perfectly environment friendly. Whereas all other popular current players in the industry use traditional lead acid batteries that are prone to leakage and require expensive yearly battery replacement.

Advantages of Hulikkal Electric Cycles


Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Japanese technology motors are a type of synchronous motor which is integrated with accelerator sensor at throttle grip. This motor controlled by state-of-the-art controller which is located below the battery box, contains embedded systems that added with power electronics enables the rider experience unparalleled riding pleasure with ease of climb high gradients like flyovers and other slopes.


  • Simple construction, can be fit as a regular rear hub
  • High dynamic response, efficiency and reliability
  • Noiseless smooth relentless operation
  • High speed Vs torque characteristics


Hulikkal uses revolutionary Lithium-ion technology for its battery packs. Our Lithium-Ion batteries can be charged or discharged at any time irrespective of their existing charge levels. The three point led indicator displays the charge level of the battery. Hulikkal’s Lithium-ion technology provides an exceptional 1.5 hrs total charging time which is far lesser than that of any Lead Acid (5.5-6.5 hrs) charging the in the market .


  • The battery is of revolutionary Lithium-Ion technology based
  • 250 Watt Hrs battery pack that does not require any replacement for a minimum of 3 years*
  • Claimed Cycle Life: 1000 to 1200 charge / discharge cycles
  • Constant power output at any charge level

 Advantages of Lithium-Ion batteries over Lead Acid batteries

Parameter Lead Acid Li-Ion
Life of Battery 1 Year 3 Years
Idle Discharging Self Discharging No-Self Discharge
Charging Time 5.5 to 6.5 Hrs 1.5 Hrs
Portability Poor(10-12 Kg battery weight) Easy(only 3 Kg battery weight)
Charging Cycles 300 to 500 1000
Power output Deteriorates as it discharges Constant over discharge
Yearly Cost of Battery replacement Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 -Nil-
Possibility of leakage Low to Medium Zero
Causes damage to environment Upon leakage or breakage of battery  pack -Nil-

Li-On Batteries also have

  • Superior low temperature performance
  • Enhanced safety through multi-level battery management systems
  • High tolerance to thermal-mechanical-electrical abuse by design

Economic Savings of Electric Cycles

Hulikkal contributes not only towards saving the environment by saving precious and depleting fossil fuels but also gives an economically viable proposition compared to other IC Engine or Lead Acid based Electric Vehicles.

Hulikkal uses only long lasting Lithium-Ion cells in its batteries which are perfectly environment safe. Whereas all other popular current players in the industry use traditional lead acid batteries that are prone to leakage and require expensive yearly battery replacement.

Ecological Savings – Contribute to environmental conservation:

  • On an average every Hulikkal Electric cycle reduces more than 1 ton of CO2 and other harmful gases (compared to petrol vehicles) in its lifetime.
  • Every Hulikkal electric Cycle reduces more than 1 ton of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (compared to a petrol 2-wheeler) in it’s lifetime.
  • (70 Kms per Day for 3 Years – Savings is more than 1 Ton of of CO2 within 3 years itslef)
  • Fossil fuel conservation: Just 5% of conversion of Vehicles to Electric Vehicles can save 45 Lakh liters of petrol in one year. Go the Hulikkal way – Clean, Green, and Economical.
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