Institutional Sales

Hulikkal offers a wide range of electric cycles for the diverse needs of every institution. Hulikkal electric cycles are the answer the daily transportation requirements of institutions starting from Industrial plants, Manufacturing facilities, Educational Institutions with large campuses, Real Estate to Small and medium business owners for delivery purposes.

Easy to ride, low maintenance cost and no petrol expenses makes these bikes user friendly, highly economical and environment friendly.

Customized Mobility Solutions: Hulikkal can also provide custom solutions from a wide range of Electric Vehicles customized for your specific need of your institution.

Additional Battery Provision: Hulikkal has a unique feature of swappable battery to keep your ride uninterrupted and on the go always. With this option, one can purchase additional battery packs which can be used as backup batteries. The battery weight being just under 3 kgs, one can easily carry a battery in a back pack and extend the range of the vehicle by another 30 kmpc. The discharged battery can easily be swapped with charged battery and the discharged battery can be put to charging separately.

    • Green, Clean and Economical
    • Depreciation Allowance – 80%
    • Anyone from age group 8-60 can drive Hulikkal Electric vehicles, even if a person has never driven one or even doesn’t have a driving license. No license and no registration
    • High up time – Vehicle is on the road for maximum duration With engine replaced by Electric Motor, Hulikkal Vehicles are maintenance free and require no frequent visits to service station for expensive/high maintenance.
    • Door Step Service / Annual Maintenance Contracts: Regular service at your campus / establishment by skilled Hulikkal service technician at attractive annual maintenance Contract (AMC) can be arranged to take complete care for your vehicles.
    • Make your campus a green campus
    • Speed is limited
    • No dependency on external fuel at all.
    • Co-branding our e-bikes for company brand promotion.
    • No fuel expense, no expensive service expense, No petrol allowance for employees, reduced admin hassles
    • No noise or environmental pollution
    • Can be used by employees for in campus mobility – Patrolling, Admin Work, Maintenance Work
    • In campus normal or solar charging station can be developed at any place as regular 240V – 50Hz AC supply is only needed.
    • Vehicle for usage by college staff for official and admin work – visits to bank, post-office, etc.
    • Purchase of E-Bikes will help in fulfilling corporate social responsibility
    • Attractive student schemes for purchase of E-Bikes
    • Completely complies to all traffic norms
    • Most suitable for commercial and courier delivery purpose
    • Used by restaurants, food joints, medical stores, for home delivery purpose