Electrical Spare Parts Set

Electrical Spare Parts Set



Product Description

Complete set of Spare Parts for your Hulikkal Electric Bicycle – This includes 250 Watts BLDC Hub Motor, 250 Watt Hr Lithium Ion Battery Pack, Motor Controller, Charger, Controller Mount and Housing with Keys, Throttle with Switch, Grips, Brake Levers, Wire Harness with Connectors and LED Head Lamp / Electric Horn


  • Battery Life 1000 complete Charge Cycles from 25,000 kms to 30,000 Kms
  • 5 year Long Battery Lifetime
  • No battery self discharge
  • Easy to Remove Portable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Smart Charger with Over-Charge & Short-Circuit protection with LED Indication
  • Charge your battery anywhere with a regular AC supply
  • Low Maintenance Riding
  • No Pollution / Green, Clean , Economical
  • Range: Range per charge increases with Pedal Assistance
  • Pedaling as easy as ordinary cycle
  • Pedal and Accelerator can be used simultaneously


  • BLDC Hub Motor 250 Watts with 36 Holes
  • Brake Levers: With Electronic Cut-Off Switch and Friction free cables
  • Rear Wheel Spokes: Galvanized Steel Spokes with brass screws
  • Battery: 250 Watt Hrs Lithium-Ion Battery (With LED 3 Level Charge Indicator)
  • Charger: Smart Charger with LED indicator
  • Throttle: Half Type – analog
  • LED Head Lamp with Electric Horn